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Malignant growth of the cervix, which can be the cause of death in women, can be restored when recognized in time. The most common cause of this type of disease is the human papillomavirus (HPV). Certain types of HPV are responsible for the rapid spread of harmful cells. Despite the fact that the indicators of malignant growth of the cervix are not overly obvious, in any case, you should watch for any progress that may indicate the disease. Talk to your specialist if you see them.

Malignant growth retardation can occur due to severe depletion. If you feel tired and have a racing pulse during a typical pregnancy, it could mean that you are weak.

irregular release
Amid the extension of the malignant growth inside the cervix, the cells of the uterine divider begin to break down, which leads to the formation of a watery fluid.

Genital moles
The presence of genital moles inside or outside the vagina is caused by an HPV infection, which increases the risk of cervical disease.
agony or death
Cells of this type of disease grow and increase on the mass of the uterus and can lead to its drying up, the woman feels discomfort, there is a slight possibility of death. However, you should investigate the cause of any bleeding that occurs between menstrual cycles.

urination problems
The dilation of the cervix puts extra weight on the bladder and kidneys, resulting in embarrassing spillage of urine. Then it comes to disturbing urine, torments or diseases of the urinary tract.

Pain in the legs, hips or back
Cervical dilation due to proliferation of malignant growth cells pushes internal organs and veins. Thus, it is related to the troublesome flow, which causes pain in the legs and swelling of the lower legs.

The large number of tumors causes a decrease in hunger. If weight loss is obvious and takes time, talk to your doctor.

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