3-Day Butt Building Workout For Women

This full body plan will help you maximize your glutes and get you in shape. There are also two additional exercises to help build your glutes!
exercise summary
the main goal
building muscle
exercise type
whole body
education level
duration of the program
6 weeks
days a week
time for each exercise
45 minutes
Necessary equipment
Bands, barbell, bw, dumbbells, other
target gender
PDF exercise
Download the exercise
exercise description
Doing serious training can be tricky. Committing to going to the gym five or six days a week can be very difficult for many. Work, family and other obligations must be taken into account.

While you can work out three times a week, there are areas you want to focus on more than others. For most women, the glutes are one such muscle group. Fortunately, this three-day program allows women to effectively train their entire body. It also offers significant opportunities for maximizing the potential of these brigades.

Glute Priority
What makes these exercises so effective in this area is that you focus on them at the beginning of each session. By practicing them first in these exercises, you can focus on them when your motivation is highest and you have the most energy. The included exercises will help you make your rear better and stronger. This combination is hard to beat, isn’t it?

The keys to this program
There are breaks in the exercises below. In movements that focus on the buttocks, you can rest longer if necessary. If you stick to these rest periods, you can complete all three exercises in one hour.

This software contains no mechanical movements, which makes it very versatile. No matter where you train, whether it’s at home or at the gym, you can complete this program with no modifications depending on your equipment.

There should be at least 24 hours between each workout to recover properly. Full body training is different from traditional bro-split training. Since the whole body is tested, the recovery time is more beneficial.

additional exercises
The two included exercises are short in structure. This should only be done on a cardio day or off day if you feel it is necessary. If you decide that a full body workout is enough, don’t worry about the supplement’s functionality. Instead, focus on recovery.

One exercise is very difficult for an actor, and the other is a complicated complex. If you like one more than the other, do it twice. If you want to change each session, you can do that too. Make the workouts your own to maximize your potential. Just make sure you have two full days off per week.

Below are examples of tables depending on the manufacturing level.

Example of the week – Beginner

Monday: Exercise 1
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: Exercise 2
Thursday: day off
Friday: Exercise 3
Saturday: day off
Sunday is a day off
Sample Week – Intermediate/Advanced

Monday: Exercise 1
Tuesday: Stop or Extra Workout 1
Wednesday: Exercise 2
Thursday: Stop or supplement 2
Friday: Exercise 3
Saturday: day off
Sunday is a day off
A skinny brown-haired woman lunges in the gym.

full body workout 1
The first two movements of this exercise are the barbell hip jerk and hyperextension. These are two very effective movements if performed correctly.

Barbell Hip Row Make sure the barbell is in a comfortable position for you. If you need a towel or mat around the bar, don’t be afraid to use it. The more comfortable you feel, the more beneficial the exercise will be. When you lift the bar up, make sure your glutes are tight. Hold this position before slowly lowering the weight again.

Hyperextension – many consider it a lower back exercise. If you stop with your upper body at a 45 degree angle, this isolates your lower back. Lift your upper body and then tighten your glutes until your upper body is more visible. Your body should be almost vertical before you lower your back. If you don’t have a hyperextension bench, a preacher’s bench or an adjustable bench will work.

The rest of the exercise includes one basic movement and movements for the rest of the body.

Rep exercise with rest
Barbell Hip Row 3 8-12 60-90 seconds
Hyper Stretch 3 8-12 60-90 seconds
Dumbbell squat 3 12 60 seconds
Lying leg raise 3 12 60

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