Do This Movement Every Night Before Going To Bed, Your Body Will Change In No Time

If you often have trouble sleeping, you are not alone: many people throw themselves and sit in bed for hours before falling asleep and resting. When this happens regularly, you may feel constantly tired throughout the day.

Consuming too much sugar and coffee can prevent drowsiness and lead to depression and weight gain. It’s dangerous! Doing the following yoga poses before bedtime will help you fall asleep (and stay awake).

They are all very simple, so even if you have never practiced yoga and do not consider yourself “flexible”, you can master it without any problems. More and more scientific studies are proving the health benefits of yoga, so why not make the most of it?! You have nothing to lose. ..

When doing these poses for the first time, it is advisable not to stay in them for too long. One minute is a lot. Then the pose can be extended for five minutes or even more.

Balasana-pose of the child
If you have knee problems, this is probably not a good idea. But for everyone, this asana relaxes the nervous system, back, shoulders, stomach and mind. If your buttocks cannot reach your heels, fold the blanket several times and place it under your buttocks for as long as you can. Honestly…. You can put your hands in front of you or let them rest by your side. Set an alarm to know when you need to get out of the situation. When you are in the baby’s position, do not forget to take deep breaths, especially from behind.

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