9 common lingerie mistakes almost all women make and how to avoid them

Buying underwear and finding the right bra takes time. And you are always in this dilemma between comfort and beauty. What should I pay attention to when buying underwear?

9 common lingerie mistakes almost all women make and how to avoid them
Here are the most common mistakes every woman makes when shopping for lingerie, be it panties or bras.

  1. Underwear that suits your figure

Let’s be honest, you have already figured out which underwear does not suit you, and even though you want to wear it, it’s better not to. Why do we make something beautiful – not very beautiful? Pear-shaped women should wear lace pants, and curvy women should wear high-waisted panties.

  1. Underwear fabric

Never wear embroidered underwear made from heavy cotton or lycra fabrics. Also, don’t wear it with silk. This will create roughness and ruin the smooth, polished look you’re after.

  1. Bra size

The myth that wearing a smaller bra to create more fullness is absurd. Firstly, it shows that you are wearing something small for you, and secondly, the pressure reduces blood flow, which can cause discomfort and itching on the back and under the breasts. If you want big breasts, invest in a bra!

  1. Underwear

The same advice for buying the right underwear is here. Never buy clothes that are too tight, because you will look ridiculous and excess skin will appear, especially when sitting, not to mention the discomfort that you will feel during the day and the unhealthy effects of tight materials on your body and health, such as Bad posture, itching, and reduced blood flow.

  1. The color of your underwear

It should always match the color of the shirt, skirt or trousers you are wearing. Unless you want to impress by wearing a red bra under a sheer black crochet top… but for casual occasions, just stick to this tip.

  1. Housework

Don’t wear the same bra you wear outside. Also, don’t wear a bra at all! If you feel like you’re naked in a shirt or blouse, wear a sports bra instead and reduce chest and back pain.

  1. The material of your underwear

It should always contain at least 20% elastin. 100% cotton material is the best and healthiest to wear, but lasts less due to the lack of elastane. These clothes are torn faster.

  1. Bra and panties to match

This could be considered a “special occasion rule” but always wear the right underwear because, from another perspective, you will always have underwear of the same color to wash with! Otherwise, just wait until you have more dark or white clothes… Your everyday underwear should be the so-called “sleeping underwear”. Do not wear a lot of silk or lace materials, as they are harmful to the skin and also cause discomfort.

  1. Favorite underwear

Although underwear has been proven to be the most desirable underwear for men as well as for women, it should not be worn daily as it can harm the vaginal flora.

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