8 habits that make you look older

It is a fact that we humans will age no matter what happens. We can’t deny that this happens every year and it can show us the signs of premature aging, especially on our face. Even if you are in your twenties, premature aging can happen to you. Although these changes are not signs of a fatal disease, they can make us uncomfortable and affect our self-confidence. We can look young and radiant by changing bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles. You can enjoy a youthful face and avoid the warning signs of aging. Here at Healthyted, we want to give you some tips on how to keep your skin healthy. Here are some early warning signs of aging to look out for and act on as soon as possible.

1. Small pimples may appear on the face.

These small bumps on the face are called milia. Hence, it is small and white and appears mainly around the cheeks and nose area. This can appear when you have a lot of dead skin cells. This is why facial exfoliation is so important. Also, it is best to avoid using skin products containing steroids. This substance can lead to faster aging of the skin and the appearance of milia.


2. You may notice thinner lips.

Thin lips are one of the clear signs that your face is aging. If you see this in your twenties, it means that your skin is aging faster than usual. One of the reasons is the decrease in collagen production in the lips. If you don’t like to drink water every day, it can speed up the aging process. Another reason is the frequent use of straw, lack of vitamin C and excessive sun exposure.

3. The skin of your face is prone to damage.

If you notice bruises appearing out of nowhere around your face, this is also a sign of aging. This is due to thinning of the skin. Thin skin is prone to damage and does not repair easily. Therefore, it is recommended to moisturize the skin frequently to prevent this from happening.

4. Pay attention to the texture of the leaf peel.

One of the main reasons for this is long-term exposure to harmful sunlight. This is due to the breakdown of elastin, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. After tightening, the skin will return to its original shape with the help of elastin. Long-term tanning bed use can put your skin at risk of developing this problem.

5. You may have ptosis.

Frequent rubbing of the eyes causes drooping of the eyelids. This problem is also known as ptosis. In addition to friction, the main factors are frequent use of contact lenses and eye surgery. drooping eyelids 6. The tip of the nose may change shape.

For some, a change in the shape of the tip of the nose can occur at the age of 40. However, this can happen as early as the twenties. Again, sun exposure will make you suffer from it sooner. When this happens, we may feel very tense. However, modern procedures such as rhinoplasty, which are minimally invasive, can restore her to her natural shape.

7. You may have red moles on your face.

Red moles are also called cherry angiomas and are common in people aged 30 and older. They may appear more often in people over 40 years of age. Although these red moles are harmless, seeing them on the face is very unpleasant. You can remove it with cryosurgery or laser surgery.

8. You may notice puffiness in the eyes.

Some people think puffy eyes are normal, but they are a warning sign of premature aging. If you have it, it does not mean that you always lack quality sleep. It is also a sign of fluid buildup around the eyes. Therefore, one effective way to prevent this is to reduce your salt intake. Too much sodium from salt can increase water retention around the eyes. After reading all these warning signs, which of the above signs have you noticed on your face and what are the possible steps to stop aging at a young age?

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