Chances are you don’t trust your underwear too much when you dress every day. However, you are not a Victoria’s Secret model. You’re probably more concerned about clothes showing over your underwear, right? It turns out that this may not be the best transition – a young woman has the right to take into account several factors, in addition, the wrong combination of them can have some undesirable negative consequences. Here are the underwear mistakes to avoid the next time you dress up.

Let’s face it, cotton underwear may not be the sexiest option you can go for, but it’s the healthiest one. “Silk and synthetic fabrics are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture retention and retention, which can lead to yeast or bacterial infections,” Donica Moore, MD, told The Huffington Post. I added that if you must wear synthetic underwear, you should at least opt ​​for a crotch-lined cotton pair. Limit silk trousers to special occasions, especially those that won’t last long.

Bandages may be the best panty option when you’re wearing yoga pants, but they come with some serious risks. Dr. Jill M. told The Huffington Post: “All he has to do is change position an inch or two and bring it closer to the vaginal or urethral area. These thongs can cause microorganisms from the colon to enter the vagina or urethra.”

If that’s not enough to get you ready to forego the gangbang, mucus stimulation can also cause skin marks on your vulva and anus – maybe not the kind you want. Rabin added that choosing cotton straps and wearing them for short periods of time, as well as staying regular, will keep you healthy. But is this underwear mistake worth it?

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