Never Marry A Man With These 12 Habits.

When we love, the only thing we have in mind is the person we love. Love can sometimes blind us and this means we are likely to make choices that can have major negative consequences in the future.

Suppose you are married to a man who believes you are not worthy of great things, doesn’t like seeing you with you and thinks you are nothing more than his wife or thinks the qualities he wants in a girl. Isn’t it like the worst nightmare ever? So we have listed a few qualities and if your man has most of them, rethink your options and don’t marry him!

  1. Focus more on his work with you
    Soon after marriage, responsibilities increase dramatically and if he doesn’t give you time now, you already know what will happen after marriage. So it’s best to balance the two but otherwise let him stay with his work instead of you.
  2. He disrespects and abuses you
    Do you need another reason to end the relationship and not marry a man like him? A man who can’t respect his woman and attacks her doesn’t even deserve to be called a man! Just break down and leave it! Of all the adjectives, this is one you should never ignore!
  3. Short-sighted
    The idea of spending the rest of your life with an open-minded boy seems like a nightmare. This is something that will definitely make you regret your decision. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who will stop you from doing all the right things just because they’re afraid things will go wrong or they don’t trust you.
  4. He makes excuses
    If he always makes excuses, it just means he has something else more important than you. It’s all about priorities and you obviously don’t belong. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who can’t make you feel important in their life.
  5. False information
    Relationships are about trust and acceptance. If it takes that away by violating the trust rule, it needs to be replaced. If they are not lies, then the liar must be confronted.
  6. Don’t let a fight fly
    A little bit of arguing and fighting is necessary for a relationship but if he won’t let it end then you should consider staying with him. But if he’s never willing to decide and he’s not willing to let you keep your opinion, then he’s the problem and you should stay away from him.
  7. He breaks his promises
    You can forgive someone for forgetting important dates and even breaking a promise if it’s done once in a blue moon. But what if he breaks his promises too often? If your man does that, it’s time to let him go because he’s only cheating on you. Find someone to manage instead of being bound by your commitments.
  8. You don’t have epicane moments
    A man who has always believed that everything he does is absolutely right and that his decisions can never be wrong needs reality checks. If he never has an epiphany moment and never figures out anything he does, then his behavior can hurt you too.
  9. He hates animals
    How on earth could anyone hate animals? If you hate animals for no good reason and are constantly asked to choose between your pet and them, just choose your pet! At least they are loyal, they love you, and they obviously don’t ask you to make decisions.
  10. Very sticky
    Everyone needs their own space and if he doesn’t give you that, just leave him alone. You’re not dating a kid and you definitely wouldn like if someone was depending on you 24 * 7. If guys are more attached to us than usual, it means they have insecurity issues or they don’t trust you and your actions . . . . Being stuck is not normal.
  11. He cheats on you
    Well, forgiveness doesn’t always work. If they cheated on you once, they might do it again. So don’t think about living with this man or even getting married.
  12. The immature
    If he’s the one who throws people out after a fight or a minor fight, then he’s not the right guy to be with. If he is acting out of control and cannot handle things like an adult, then you need to reconsider your decision to marry him.

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