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Many people neglect to drink water, especially in winter, thinking that the body does not need a large amount of water, which causes the body to dehydrate, but what are the signs of a lack of water in the body during the winter? Advertising space
Conselto then shows 8 signs that he isn’t drinking enough water in the winter, says Dr. Mohi Al-Banna, Consultant in Internal Medicine and Severe Pain Surgery.

  1. Number of polymers

The normal urination rate is 6: 7 healthy urination three times a day, depending on the water you drink, and if you urinate two or three times a day, you should drink or increase your water intake. to your doctor as not drinking enough water affects kidney health.

  1. persistent headaches

Persistent headaches are often an imbalance of bodily fluids, so drinking water is essential for blood flow, and a person who doesn’t want to drink enough water can experience these headaches whenever they try to move or do it quickly. . Exercise or go up or down stairs, and if you complain of a headache, drink water mixed with mineral salts.

  1. dry mouth

Dry Mouth Dry mouth is a common sign that there is not enough body fluid to produce the required amount of saliva and lack of water intake causes mouth and throat infections because the mouth’s pH is out of balance, so be it. Make sure you have a bottle of water with you and use a lip balm.

  1. Discoloration of the urine

Urine discoloration Urine discoloration is a strong symptom of the problem, especially if there is a strong odor: a lack of water makes it difficult for the kidneys to excrete toxins and these changes occur. If your urine is very dark, talk to your doctor to find out if you have chronic dryness or kidney disease. in the short term it can cause serious health problems.

  1. Tiredness and exhaustion

Lack of water in the body prevents pain from reaching the cells, which can lead to severe episodes of chronic fatigue and fatigue. Some think they can be overcome by drinking coffee or energy drinks; To avoid this, care must be taken to hydrate the body by eating a glass of hot water every morning.

6 – muscle spasms

Muscle Cramps Not drinking enough water changes the electrolyte levels in the body, which means lower levels of potassium, calcium and magnesium, causing muscle cramps and pain.

  1. Constipation

Constipation, drinking water every day is essential to maintain intestinal moisture and prevent constipation: in the absence of moisture, difficult digestion will impair driving and will remain in the colon, and to overcome it, drink from six to eight. glasses. eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in the water during the day.

8- Dry skin

Tips to Eliminate Dry Skin If you find that your skin is not releasing enough oil, it indicates dryness and the need to drink more water, as proper water consumption helps to avoid changes in natural production. dehydration and elimination of toxins, which accelerates the onset of the signs of aging.

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