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8 Warning Signs That Your Heart Doesn’t Work Properly

Millions of people around the world suffer from multiple heart problems that directly affect it, or indirectly related to it, and we may see that in the United States, one of the countries where a good number of… the population suffers from heart problems , the number of cases is actually, about 600,000 people a year, according to studies done by many medical centers there.

In this translated article, we will talk specifically about heart problems that people suffer from and the signs that warn the owner that the heart is suffering from many problems that should be watched out for, and therefore see the nearest cardiologist.

8 Signs That Warn You About Heart Problems And Your Heart Is Not Working Properly Arm Pain Arm pain is one of the warning signs of health problems in the heart, especially in the left arm, as medical studies indicated that arm pain spreads especially around the shoulder a manifestation of heart attack Yes, your heart sends signals to your spinal nerves, so the arm hurts through the nerves, not the arm.

1- Persistent cough

One of the most important symptoms of problems in the heart and blood vessels as well as breathing, where a person with some heart problem suffers from a persistent cough, which is one of the sub-symptoms, but it warns of a problem that… mainly around the heart and breathing It’s not easy.

2- Swelling of the extremities

Swelling, especially in the legs, is one of the symptoms that should be suspected as soon as it appears.This means that your heart is not pumping enough blood into the blood vessels and there is not enough blood in the tissues extremities, especially the legs, which means this swelling.

3- Constant feeling of loss of appetite

Loss of appetite and constant nausea and its effects on the heart The person feels a decreased appetite.Various studies on heart patients have shown that they suffer from loss of appetite and eat less food, in addition to constant nausea fats and fluids in the liver and intestines Due to congestion, which means not digesting, so it’s a sign that your heart is suffering from health problems.

4- Multiple anxiety attacks

Abnormally Multiple Anxiety Attacks A life of anxiety, nervousness, tension and constant nervous stress is not so good heart health, various studies have shown that people who suffer from anxiety all the time also suffer from it irregular heartbeat like increased heartbeat and usually have low rates Being, which means an uncomfortable problem that could appear in the next few days.

5- Loss of consciousness

Loss of Consciousness A heart patient or one suffering from health problems in the valves and arteries around the heart suffers from dizziness and constant loss of consciousness, because blood is not being pumped normally and regularly through these arteries and valves, that is a serious symptom that cannot be tolerated.

6- Paleness of the face

Pale face, skin and heart problems This is not a common symptom for those suffering from heart problems, but it is present in some cases, and is caused by a lack of normal blood flow from the heart, which means blood does not reach arteries and blood vessels. l Paleness of face and skin and tendency to cyanosis Examinations required.


Blisters in Many Parts of the Body Various studies have shown that one of the symptoms that people with heart health problems can suffer from is high stress, accompanied by eczema, which leads to blisters in many parts of the body, and high cholesterol in… Blood causes these symptoms You can do it. Prevention is better than cure in any case.Always avoiding smoking and drinking fluids especially water, maintaining a healthy diet will help the body and heart function properly.

8- Chronic or sudden fatigue

Fatigue can be one of the main symptoms that indicate an impending heart attack.
Women are more likely than men to suffer from heart-related fatigue, with 70 percent of heart attack patients reporting feeling very tired beforehand.
Physical or mental activity is not the cause of this fatigue, and it increases at the end of the day if it is due to heart failure.
It is very difficult for these symptoms to go unnoticed, sometimes even simple tasks such as making a bed or taking a shower become exhausting.

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